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Live Portrait Maker

Turn your still photos into live videos with our AI portrait maker

Face Image

Upload your face image you want to turn into a video.

Driving Video

This is the video that drives the face movements.

How to use BasedLabs Live Portrait Maker:

Upload Face Image

Upload your face image you want to turn into a video.

Upload Driving Video

Upload a Video of a face with movements, this will determine the final face movements.

Click Generate

Once complete, preview the final result on the same page. If you're happy with it, click 'Download' to save the image to your device.

Photo Animation Magic

Transform still photos into lifelike animations. Our AI maps facial movements onto your image, creating captivating animated portraits that preserve the original photo's essence while adding dynamic motion.

Pro Results, No Skills Required

Simply upload a photo and driving video. The AI handles the complex animation process, allowing anyone to create professional-quality animated portraits without technical expertise.

Scroll-Stopping Content

Create unique animated profile pictures, posts, and digital art. Stand out on social media platforms with eye-catching content that demands attention in a sea of static images.

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More Than Just a Live Portrait Maker

BasedLabs offers more than just a Live Portrait Maker. We provide AI image generation, photo-to-video conversion, and advanced AI video models. Create cutting-edge visual content with our user-friendly tools. Designed for efficiency, our suite caters to both creative and professional needs, pushing the boundaries of digital media production.

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