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Image to Text

Upload an image and have the BasedLabs AI explain to you what that image is.

Upload Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

How to use BasedLabs Image to Text:

Upload Your Image:

Click 'Upload Image' to select and upload the image from your device.

Optional Prompt:

If you have a question about the image, enter it in the 'Prompt' box. If not, you can skip this step.

Extract Text:

Hit the 'Run Image to Text' button to process the image. The tool will display any extracted text or answer to your question in the 'Output' section.

Efficient Image Upload & Customized Queries

Easily upload and interact with a variety of images, from photographs to scanned documents, through our user-friendly interface. Select 'Upload Image' to start. Enhance your experience with the optional query prompt, allowing you to specify questions for targeted text recognition or choose general analysis for broader insights.

Advanced Text Extraction for Enhanced Productivity

Unlock the potential of AI with our 'Run Image to Text' feature. This powerful tool quickly converts images into editable text, perfect for digitizing printed material or extracting intricate details. It streamlines your workflow with its speed and accuracy, making text recognition and extraction more efficient.

Frequently asked questions

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More than an Image to Text AI

BasedLabs extends far beyond the capabilities of a standard image-to-text AI. Our platform enables rapid generation of AI-crafted images and the transformation of standard photos into captivating videos. Unleash the power of our advanced AI Video models, perfect for both creative projects and professional endeavors. Our tools are designed for ease of use, ensuring you can efficiently enhance your visual content and drive innovation in digital media.

Generate AI Art