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AI Image Enhancer

Upload your photos to BasedLabs and use our AI technology to enhance them. Simply click a button, and we'll take care of all the adjustments and improvements.

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Upload Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

How to use BasedLabs AI Image Enhancer:

Upload Your Image

Click 'Change Image' to choose the image you want to enhance from your device. Our AI tool will then process it to improve its quality.

Adjust the Scale

Use the 'Scale' slider to fine-tune the level of detail and enhancements. The number next to the slider indicates the current scaling factor.

Enhance Instantly

After setting the scale, click the 'Upscale Instantly' button. The AI will process and enhance the image. Once done, click the 'Download' button to save your improved image.

Seamless Enhancement for Everyone

No professional skills needed! With our AI Image Enhancer, simply upload your photo and let the AI handle the rest. Perfect for both personal and professional use, ensuring stunning results with minimal effort.

High-Quality Prints Made Simple

Forget about costly equipment. Our AI tool boosts image resolution instantly, making it ideal for large-scale prints and detailed visuals. Perfect for personal memories or professional materials, delivering high-quality results every time.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Stand out on social media with crisp, clear images. Our AI Image Enhancer sharpens your photos for perfect close-ups and high-resolution posts, ensuring that every detail is showcased beautifully without any quality loss.

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