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AI Music Generator From Text

Create royalty-free unique music for your projects using the BasedLabs text to music tool.

Enter a Prompt

How to use BasedLabs AI Music Generator From Text:

Enter Your Prompt

In the text field, input a brief description of the desired music style, mood, or instrumentation you want the AI to generate. Be specific yet concise, such as "Upbeat electronic track with a catchy synth lead" or "Mellow acoustic guitar melody with a hint of melancholy."

Generate Music

Click the "Generate Music" button and wait a few moments for the AI to create a unique track based on your prompt. The AI will analyze your text input and use its trained models to compose an original piece of music that aligns with your description.

Preview and Download

Once the music is ready, preview the generated audio to ensure it meets your expectations. If you're satisfied with the result, download the royalty-free track. If the music doesn't quite match your vision, you can always generate a new track with a refined prompt.

Create Custom Soundtracks That Match Your Vision

Add custom soundtracks to your videos that perfectly match the mood you want to create. Basedlabs AI Music Generator lets you make music that stirs emotions, enhances your story, and keeps viewers engaged from beginning to end.

Generate Music Quickly and Easily

You don't need expensive music production or licensing anymore. Our AI Music Generator allows you to create original music and soundtracks in minutes, saving you time and effort. You can achieve professional-quality sound without the hassle.

Turn Words into Unique Soundtracks

Our AI Music Generator uses your text input to create melodies and rhythms, turning your words into inspiration for music. Try different phrases, lyrics, or ideas to make a wide range of unique soundtracks. The options are limitless, allowing you to explore new creative directions and make your videos unique.

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