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Avataryosocoolβ˜€οΈ2 days ago

Trying for weeks to get a prompt that lets a visor, helmet or goggles cover the eyes of the character.

I've been trying for weeks to generate this valkyrie character who has a visor beak thing covering her eyes/upper face. I've tried hundreds of description variants and no matter what there is no visor, helmet or goggles over her face or eyes. Or they are on top of her head....

Avatardmf85205β˜€οΈ3 days ago

how to write a prompt

Can someone give advice on how to write a prompt that will generate an image that is closest to what I am looking for. I am looking to generate a picture of a young woman sitting on the edge of a table. Her white button down blouse is completely unbuttoned...

Avatarxanzibarβ˜€οΈ4 days ago

How do I lock the model I want when it make a picture very close to what I am asking for

I just need a little clarification on what all the settings on the advance settings do, specifically what locks down what in the AI programing. Say if I like everything about a picture except I want to change just one thing. How do I lock down everything but that one...

Avatarhubi0000β˜€οΈ5 days ago

How to use uploaded photo

Can I use some prompt to have new images with person from uploaded photo? Eg I want to create images with myself in fantasy world


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