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With BasedLabs, you can generate stunning high-quality character voices using AI. With AI voices you can create voiceovers for your video game characters, cartoons and movies.

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How to use BasedLabs Character Voice Generator:

Record or Upload Audio

Provide a reference audio clip by either recording your voice using the "Record Audio" button or uploading an MP3 or WAV file with the "Upload Audio" button.

Select a Character Voice

Choose from the provided character voice options or click "Open All Characters" to access the full library.

Generate the Character Voice

Click "Generate Character Voice" to let BasedLabs analyze your voice sample and create a synthetic voice mimicking the speech patterns, accent, and intonation for use in various projects.

AI-powered voiceovers that sound authentic and engaging

With Character Voice Generator, you can create incredibly lifelike voiceovers for all your characters. Our advanced AI analyzes voice recordings to generate new dialogue that captures the unique style and personality of each voice. Make your characters sound exactly how you envision them.

Generate hours of dialogue quickly and affordably

Hiring voice actors can be expensive and time-consuming. Character Voice Generator lets you create all the voiceovers you need rapidly and at a fraction of the cost. Simply provide some sample recordings and our AI does the rest. Iterate and perfect your character voices with ease.

Evolve stories and gameplay with dynamic, responsive dialogue

Character Voice Generator opens up a world of new interactive storytelling opportunities. Generate contextual dialogue that responds to player choices in real-time. Craft more immersive narratives and richer gaming experiences. The creative potential is limitless with an AI voice artist at your fingertips.

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