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Gender Swap

Easily change your gender in photos with our AI gender swap filter. Transform your images realistically and explore different looks. Perfect for revamping your social media presence.

Image one
Image two
Base Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

Target Image

Upload your photo or a friend as a target image.

How to use BasedLabs Gender Swap:

Upload Base and Target Images

Click 'Upload an Image' to select a clear photo of yourself. Then, upload a target image of a person with the desired gender appearance.

Swap Gender with AI

After both images are uploaded, click 'Swap Gender Instantly.' Our AI will use face-swapping technology to change your gender, ensuring high-quality results.

Preview, Download, and Share

Once the transformation is complete, preview the final image on the same page. If you’re satisfied, click 'Download' to save the image and share it as you like.

Discover Your "Twin" with Gender Swap:

Ever curious about your twin of the opposite gender? Our AI gender swap tool allows you to see what you would look like as your twin sister or brother. Enhance your photos with options like trendy sunglasses, beards, or even different age effects. It's a fun way to add a bit of humor and intrigue to your selfies and share a laugh with friends.

Create Fun and Playful Social Media Content:

Running out of ideas for your social media posts? Our gender swap filter can add a fascinating twist to your profile pictures. Transform yourself into the opposite gender effortlessly and customize the look with additional features like beards or glasses. It's a perfect way to create engaging and humorous content that stands out.

Reimagine Celebrities in a New Gender:

Ever wondered how your favorite celebrities would look as the opposite gender? Our gender swap tool can make this a reality. Create entertaining images of famous figures with a gender twist and add funny captions to share with your followers. You can even turn these celebrity gender swaps into amusing GIFs for added fun.

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More Than Just a Gender Swapping Tool

BasedLabs offers a collection of AI tools beyond our free Gender Swap feature. Our platform lets you quickly create AI-generated images and transform photos into videos. Explore our advanced AI Video models for your creative and professional needs. Use our easy-to-use tools to improve your visual content and enjoy efficient workflows and innovative digital media solutions.

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