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AI Tattoo Generator

Discover your next tattoo instantly with our AI-powered tattoo creator. Say goodbye to endless browsing on Instagram and Pinterest. Design personalized, one-of-a-kind tattoos in moments, bringing your ideas to life effortlessly.

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Upload your base pose image.

Face Image

Upload an image of the person you want to take an ai selfie with.

How to use BasedLabs AI Tattoo Generator:

Share Your Idea:

Type your tattoo vision into the prompt box. Feel free to elaborate on your design, no idea is too intricate. Dream big and describe freely!

Choose Your Style:

Pick your preferred tattoo style next. Whether it's dotwork, minimalist, or something else, our dropdown menu has a variety of styles to choose from.

Receive Your Design:

Let our AI tattoo artist do its magic! Sit tight while it crafts several unique designs tailored to your specifications.

AI Tattoo Generator: Visualize Your Unique Concepts

Transform your tattoo visions into reality without the need for external inspiration. Our AI tattoo generator allows you to create professional-level tattoo designs by just entering your concepts. Within a minute, explore a plethora of unique designs tailored to your imagination, including access to an extensive library of random templates through our online platform.

Design Your Ideal Tattoo with Precision

Leverage our online tattoo designer to get a precise preview of your envisioned tattoo. It's an iterative process where you can adjust and redesign until you achieve perfection, all at no cost. This tool ensures your final design matches your expectations, down to the finest detail, by analyzing your descriptions meticulously.

xplore Thousands of Unique Designs

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds. With our AI tattoo generator, you have the freedom to explore hundreds of unique, AI-generated tattoo designs. Our platform is your canvas, offering an expansive range of styles, themes, and artistic expressions. Whether you're in the mood for something traditional, avant-garde, or entirely bespoke, our collection is constantly evolving, ensuring you'll find the perfect design that speaks to your individuality and artistic taste.

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More Than an AI Tattoo Generator

BasedLabs offers a broad spectrum of digital creativity tools beyond our advanced AI tattoo generator. Our platform enriches your creative and professional toolkit with features like AI face swapping and AI image upscaling, allowing for unparalleled innovation in image manipulation and enhancement. Dive into the seamless creation of AI-generated images, transform photos into dynamic videos, or refine visuals with high-resolution clarity. Each tool, from face swapping to image upscaling, is designed for intuitive use, ensuring you can elevate your visual content with ease. Explore the full range of BasedLabs' capabilities, where technology enhances creativity, providing a comprehensive suite for all your digital media projects.

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