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Ai Image Upscaler

With our AI image upscaler you can take lower res photos and make them look sharper as well as expand them from 1x up to 4x.

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Upload Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

How to use BasedLabs Ai Image Upscaler:

Upload Your Base Image:

Click on the 'Change Image' button to select the image you wish to upscale from your device. This image will act as the model for the upscaling process.

Adjust the Scale:

Use the 'Scale' slider to select the factor by which you want to upscale your image. The number beside the slider indicates the current scaling factor.

Upscale Instantly:

Once your image is uploaded and the scale is set, click on the 'Upscale Instantly' button. The AI will process the image and upscale it accordingly. When the process is complete, you can download the upscaled image using the 'Download' button.

High-Resolution Image Upscaling

Upgrade your images to high-resolution quality using our advanced AI upscaling technology. Achieve crystal-clear enlargements from any base image, ideal for both personal and professional use.

Interactive Scaling & Face Swapping

Our platform offers an interactive scaling slider and face-swapping capabilities, providing you with the tools to personalize and enhance your images. Create engaging content, from fun viral memes to professional-grade photos, with just a few clicks.

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BasedLabs goes beyond simple AI image upscaling. Our platform offers advanced features for creating AI-generated images and converting photos into engaging videos. Explore our AI Video models designed for both creative and professional needs. With BasedLabs, enhance your visual content using tools that are efficient and straightforward, catering to the evolving demands of digital media.

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