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Easily add our extensive AI image generator into your discord. It's as easy as inviting it in and customizing the settings.

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How to use BasedLabs Discord AI Image Generator:

Invite and Setup

Invite the AI Image Generator bot to your Discord server. Once added, follow the simple setup instructions on our site to configure the bot's permissions and default settings.

Generate Images

To create an AI-generated image, type "/Imagine" followed by a text prompt describing the desired image. The bot will process your request and generate a unique image based on your input.

Customize and Share

Customize the generated image by using extra features such as upscaling, img2img, img2video, and more. Once you're satisfied with the result, share the AI-generated image with your Discord community to inspire further creativity and engagement.

Seamless Integration with Discord

Easily add our powerful AI image generator to your Discord server with just a few clicks. The setup process is quick and intuitive, allowing you to start creating stunning visuals in no time. Our tool integrates seamlessly with Discord's interface, making it accessible to all server members.

Customizable Settings for Unique Results

Take control of your image generation process by adjusting the settings to match your specific needs and preferences. Fine-tune parameters such as image models, loras, dimensions, upscalers, and more to allow your Discord members to create truly unique and personalized images. Our flexible customization options ensure that you can achieve the perfect visual output every time.

Collaborative Image Creation Made Easy

Foster creativity and collaboration among your Discord community by enabling everyone to generate and share AI-powered images. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple for users of all skill levels to participate in the image creation process. Encourage engagement and inspire new ideas by leveraging the power of AI image generation within your Discord server.

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