AI Image Outpainting

Expand and enhance your images with our AI Image Outpainting feature. Simply select your desired additions to the image and let our tool handle the rest.

Create your AI Image Outpainting!

How to use BasedLabs AI Image Outpainting:

Prompt with an Image

Begin by prompting our AI with an image. You can create a new image using our AI or upload an existing one from your device. Ensure that your initial image is clear for the best expansion results.

Expand Your Image

Use our tools to enlarge your image. Inform us about the areas you want to extend, and our AI will seamlessly integrate these parts, maintaining the style and feel of your original image.

Click to Enlarge Your Image

After you have set your image for outpainting, click the 'Enlarge' button. Our AI will process your prompt, extending your image and presenting you with an enhanced version.

Easy Image Size Transformation

Convert your images from portrait to landscape or vice versa. This feature is perfect for adapting your pictures to fit various social media platforms.

AI-Enhanced Image Improvement

With just one click, enhance your images using our AI tools. Choose from over 100 editing options to upgrade your photos without manual adjustments.

Adjust Image for Social Media

Change your image size to suit different social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Our AI ensures that your images are resized without losing quality or appearing distorted.

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