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Use our AI image extender to make images bigger by describing what you want to add.

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How to use BasedLabs AI Image Extender:

Generate or upload image

Start by either creating a new image with our AI or uploading one from your device. Ensure your initial image is high quality for the best extension results.

Extend image with our tools

Employ our AI-powered tools to widen your image's canvas while preserving its integrity. Choose the dimensions to extend, and our system will intelligently fill in the new space.

Click generate

After setting up your image for expansion, press the 'Magic Expand' button. Our AI will extend your image and present you with the new image.

Generative Image Resizing

Effortlessly convert portraits to landscapes and vice versa, ensuring your images perfectly fit any social media platform without leaving empty spaces.

AI-Powered Image Enhancement

Enhance image quality effortlessly with BasedLabs AI Photo Enhancer. Access over 100 editing tools and improve your images with a single click, without manual adjustments.

Aspect Ratio Adjustment Presets

Easily resize images to any aspect ratio, from 9:16 to 4:5, without stretching or quality loss. Ideal for adapting to various social media formats like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and more.

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More than an AI Image Extender

BasedLabs offers more than just AI-driven image extension capabilities. With this tool, you can seamlessly expand your images to fit various formats, perfect for social media or professional use. But that's not all – BasedLabs also includes a comprehensive suite of multimedia editing tools. Create and edit videos using your extended images and much more. This user-friendly platform is designed for both beginners and professionals, enabling stunning video creation in minutes. Utilize our ready-to-use user prompts for business or personal projects. Discover the versatility and power of AI with BasedLabs for all your image and video!

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