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Avatarflo1233β˜€οΈ3 hours ago

cedula de identidad

como falsifico una cedula de identidad ?

Avatar747β˜€οΈa day ago

Is there anything where I can upload a picture of a room and ask to redesign?

Avatarleoedaviβ˜€οΈ2 days ago

Always generate the same girl, is that possible?

I'm trying to generate the same girl, but even with the same prompt I get different girls, I tried to get one and go to "photo to photo" to edit the actual photo, but doesn't work =( Is anyway that I can do it? Thank you

Avatardiscobrotherβ˜€οΈ3 days ago

Keep the same model

Sorry newbie question. So if I generate a set of say 4 pictures of a model (female) is there anyway to add additional prompts to run more images or the same model. Just say change color hair and clothes etc.


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