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Bard. singer, charming, magical. Tall, muscular, sinewy, lithe but fit, rugged. Handsome face, strong brow and chiseled jaw. Clean shaven, bright smiling face. Emerald green eyes and short scarlet-red hair. Elf ears. He wears a black tricorn hat with large white plume feathers. Long sleeved cornflower-blue shirt. Dark Violet suede vest over the shirt, shirt is slightly unbuttoned. Gold necklace with Celtic symbol and emerald jewel around his neck. Black leather belt with gold accents around his waist, dark blue tights/ranger pants on his legs. Soft, slouchy black suede knee-high boots. A short, Violet cloak around his shoulders, open to reveal his radiance. He carries a small golden harp that exudes glittering golden energy when he plays and sings. He is often followed by glowing sprites and fairies of both sexes when he sings. Full body pose, in a forest Glen singing for fairies and sprites.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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