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Ancient cleric of Thor, Viking warrior and mystic. He is a healer and controller of weather--- but he mostly brings the lightning and thunder during battle. He is also a true Viking warrior. He wields a large metal war hammer, just like his pstron diety. Tall, muscular, big muscles, strong, fit. Wide back, broad chest, narrow waist, sinewy. Handsome masculine rugged face with icy blue eyes, strong brow and jaw, neatly trimmed mustache and Beard. He is strawberry-blonde, long shoulder length hair side parted and volumous. He wears a golden metal circlet around his head, it shines and glistens in the sunlight. He is bare chested, but wears heavy gold chain around his neck with s golden Viking hammer symbol. Gold metal pauldrons and shoulder pads on his shoulders. Brown leather o-ring harness on his massive chest. Brown leather bracers on his arms, thick brown leather belt around his waist, both adorned with bronze rivets. Black warrior pants on his muscular legs, brown leather knee-high boots on his feet. A dark crimson cloak on his back, blowing in the wind. He holds up his war hammer in his fist, his muscular arm raised up to the sky, the long hairs under his arm very visible. Full body pose, warroir stance and challenging the forces of darkness. He brings the lightning and the light.

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