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hypermasculine male. Cowboy. super-hero. Western guy. Caucasian white male. Tall, muscular, fit, broad shouldered, broad chested. Hirsute man, dark hair on chest, arms and legs. Fair skinned, pale silver eyes. Short curly black hair, slicked and combed back-- usually a black Stetson cowboy hat on his head. Strong brow and squared jaw, handsome, good looking man. Slight sideburns on his head, black horseshoe mustache with soul patch. White western style shirt, unbuttoned and open down to waist. Black leather vest with silver buttons. Black Levi jeans with yellow shooting star graphics on the sides of both legs, jeans tight and crotch bulging. Black cowboy boots on his feet, tops underneath his jean legs. Carries two silver automatic pistols, he fires them faster than any human possible, at any angle, and NEVER MISSES. Full body pose. Cowboy swagger.

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((blurry:1.3)), worst quality, 3D, cgi, drawing, undefined, bad anatomy, bad tail, bad hands, bad ears

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