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Supervillain. Sci-Fi tech scientist responsible for all the gadgets and doodads of the Nazi party of the 21St century. Tall, strong, sturdy, fit. Caucasian male of German ancestry. Dark brown combed back pompadour, graying at the temples. Strong brow and jaw, handsome middle-aged man in his early 50s. Stylized mustache and long but neatly kept beard, some gray in the sides of it. Pale Hazel eyes, usually wearing a monocle in the left eye. He prefers an all white uniform of white button-down shirt with a red tie, white pants with a black leather belt and black leather Baron boots. He's often wearing an off-white Baron's coat with the collar flipped up. There is usually a gold swastika pin on his coat lapel, and he wears it unashamed. Full body pose.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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