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Psychiatrist and psychologist to super-heroes. She is also a psychic and telepath, which greatly aids her in her work. She has a fun, humorous and open personality which allows people to let their guard down and really be honest and open with her. she is part Asian and Jewish, so she has a very mixed heritage. Tall, slim but curvy, fit, strong. She has long black hair that she usually keeps held in a bun with 2 chopsticks, curly banngs falling to one side of her face. The chopsticks pay homage to her Asian half. She has almond shaped eyes that are Hazel in color. She wears moderate make-up, and a pair of glasses that are lightly tinted purple. Her face is pretty and friendly, warm and inviting. Shevusually wears a white button-down shirt with her favorite maroon blazer on top of it. A black pencil skirt with sheer black pantyhose. A pair of patent leather high heels on her feet. Simple gold jewelry such as small hoop earrings and bangle bracelets complete her look. You can usually find her in her office either meditating or helping a client. She ALWAYS has a clipboard in hand. Full body pose.

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