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Cyberpunk Jedi Alien. Looks like a teenager (16 thru 19) but isn't one. masculine Caucasian male. Short, thin but muscular, sinewy, fit, athletic. Medium length fade emo-style hair, cut close on the sides and back, spiky and swept over in the front with vivid Violet highlights. Eight-pointed black star tattoo on the left eye, Iris purple eyes. Strong brow and chiseled chin, tiny soul patch on young face.Silver earring with purple quartz crystal in one ear. Roomy white jumpsuit with black tech patterns and glowing periwinkle colored glyphs. Black tech belt with same glyphs. Soft, slouchy white suede ankle boots. He carries a lightsaber with a bright purple glow. Full body pose, in a cyber-city background.

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bad quality, bad anatomy, worst quality, low quality, low resolution, extra fingers, blur, blurry, ugly, wrong proportions, watermark, image artifacts, lowres, ugly, jpeg artifacts, deformed, noisy image, deformation, skin moles

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