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feminine woman, Caucasian female. Sports enthusiasts, especially Roller Derby and Hockey. Athlete. Tall, strong, fit, agile, dexterous. Handsome woman. Long dark brown hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, Bangs with a middle part. She DOES NOT WEAR MAKEUP, only a little cherry ChapStick. Light brown eyes, usually hidden behind green goggles/solar Shields. Long sleeve spandex sport shirt with a flaming comet symbol on the front. The shirt is dominantly bright green with black cut-out patterns. Black, small shoulder pads and elbow pads for sports protection. Black sports tights, predominantly green with black cut-out patterns. Black knee pads, black shin-guards. Black and green roller blades on her feet, and she's usually carrying a hockey stick as her weapon of choice. Can often be seen chewing bubble gum, blowing bubbles and cracking her gum to annoy people. Full body pose, probably roller blading.

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(worst quality:2),(low quality:2),(blurry:2),bad_prompt,text, (bad and mutated hands:1.3),(bad hands),badhandv4,mutated hands, bad anatomy, missing fingers,extra fingers,fused fingers,too many fingers,(interlocked fingers:1.2), extra limbs

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