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She is as fast as light, she IS light. Alien super-hero, sci-fi, ethereal, beautiful. Tall, athletic, fit, modelesque. Shoulder length platinum-blonde hair, wavy locks swept back on the sides and falling over one eye. Beautiful face, delicate features. Crystalline opal eyes with pale blue and purple eyeshadow streak from the sides of her eyes. Frosty magenta lips. Form-fitting silvery-white bodysuit with chrome shoulder pads and bracelets. A chrome belt around her waist with a glowing crystal at the center of it. Thigh-high metallic chrome boots on long, lovely legs. Full body pose, running past stars and leaving light-trails.

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((blurry:1.3)), worst quality, 3D, cgi, drawing, undefined, bad anatomy, bad tail, bad hands, bad ears

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