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High tech meets mysticism and miracles. Angel, super-hero. He flies to the stratosphere, prays for miracles. Caucasian male of Italian descent. tall, muscular, sinewy, well defined. Short black hair, very short on sides and back, longer on top, touseled waves cimbed back, curly strands falling over ine eye. Icy blue eyes, handsome face, strong brow and jaw, dimpled chin. cobalt blue pauldrons with silver trim on shoulders, silver chrome mask over right eye. Cobalt blue fisnnet shirt, formfit over chest. Silver chrome arm bands and bracers. Silver chrome tech belt with glowing blue light as the belt buckle. Cobalt blue tights stretched over powerful legs, silver chrome jockstrap over top of them. Silver chrome thigh guards and boots. Shiny white Angel wings with blue feathers towards the tips and ends of wings. Full body pose, flying.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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