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воздушный шар на встречу - a month ago
время обеда и он ест пицу сикрабами
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alanf1618 - 21 days ago
Have this woman kneel down to calm her child. Then she stands up and walks with him to a peaceful place
AlbedoBase XLCheckpoint

create a 1024 x 1024 px image A pixar style animate African American little boy of 7 years old he has large, expressive brown eyes that convey warmth and innocence, his hair is short, curly black hair with well-defined curls he has a smooth, medium brown complexion, he is smiling, with a sense of joy and friendliness in their expression. He is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. Over the shir the is wearing a blue zip-up vest with a hood. The vest has a front pocket and is slightly open, revealing the shirt underneath.add Granny, an African American, silver-haired, wearing gold-rimmed glasses perched on her nose, WARM and fun, hair in a loose bun, beautiful blue eyes, she is 80 years old, soft wrinkles, with kind eyes and grey hair in a loose bun, and she is hugging Lucas in a cozy, warmly well decorated lit kitchen.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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