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certainly! here's a detailed script in english for creating a professional cinematic video advertisement for asir coffee, showcasing the entire production process from harvesting to the final product, with aerial shots, visual effects, slow motion, and macro photography. --- ### script for asir coffee cinematic advertisement video **[opening scene]** - **aerial shot**: a stunning sunrise over the lush coffee plantations of asir. - **narrator**: "in the heart of asir, where nature's beauty meets tradition..." **[scene 1: harvesting]** - **close-up/macro shot**: dew drops on coffee cherries glistening in the morning sun. - **slow motion**: farmers' hands gently picking ripe coffee cherries. - **visual effect**: a subtle glow as each cherry is picked. - **narrator**: "handpicked with care, each coffee cherry is a testament to our commitment to quality." **[scene 2: sorting and drying]** - **wide shot**: farmers sorting the cherries, separating the finest ones. - **slow motion**: the cherries being spread out to dry under the sun. - **macro shot**: close-up of the cherries drying, capturing the texture and color. - **narrator**: "meticulously sorted and sun-dried, preserving the essence of asir." **[scene 3: milling and roasting]** - **aerial shot**: the journey of the cherries from the farm to the milling facility. - **macro shot**: the milling process, showing the transformation of cherries into green beans. - **slow motion**: beans being roasted, capturing the smoke and the transformation. - **visual effect**: highlighting the change in color of the beans. - **narrator**: "expertly milled and roasted to perfection, unlocking the rich flavors within." **[scene 4: grinding and brewing]** - **close-up shot**: beans being ground, with particles flying in slow motion. - **macro shot**: the ground coffee being brewed, capturing the steam and aroma. - **narrator**: "ground to the perfect consistency, each cup brewed to perfection." **[scene 5: the final product - saudi coffee**] - **aerial shot**: sweeping views of the final product being prepared. - **slow motion**: a hand pouring the freshly brewed saudi coffee into a traditional cup. - **macro shot**: close-up of the coffee swirling in the cup, capturing the rich texture. - **narrator**: "from the highlands of asir to your cup, a journey of passion and tradition." **[closing scene]** - **aerial shot**: the coffee farm at sunset, with a warm glow. - **visual effect**: the asir coffee logo appearing gently on the screen. - **narrator**: "asir coffee - experience the essence of tradition." **[call to action]** - **text on screen**: "discover more at" - **narrator**: "visit our website to learn more and order your asir coffee today." --- this script aims to create a compelling and visually stunning cinematic advertisement for asir coffee, capturing each stage of the coffee production process with a blend of aerial shots, slow motion, macro photography, and visual effects to highlight the quality and tradition behind the product.
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[Opening Scene] Aerial Shot: A stunning sunrise over the lush coffee plantations of Asir.

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