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Title: The Great Cookie Caper Characters: Detective Danny (a smart and curious kid) Sally the Squirrel (a hyperactive squirrel) Benny the Bear (a friendly but clumsy bear) Narrator (can be played by an adult or another kid) Setting: A cozy kitchen with a big jar of cookies on the counter. Narrator: (excitedly) Welcome to the Great Cookie Caper! Detective Danny, Sally the Squirrel, and Benny the Bear are on a mission to find out who stole the last cookie from the cookie jar. (Detective Danny stands in the kitchen, holding a magnifying glass. Sally the Squirrel is running around, and Benny the Bear is sitting with cookie crumbs on his face.) Detective Danny: (seriously) Alright, team. We have a mystery to solve. Who took the last cookie from the cookie jar? Sally the Squirrel: (jumping up and down) Not me! I like nuts, not cookies! Benny the Bear: (scratching his head) Uh, I don’t know. Maybe the cookie monster? Detective Danny: (pointing the magnifying glass at Benny) Benny, you've got crumbs all over your face! Benny the Bear: (wiping his face) Oh, these crumbs? They’re from, uh, my sandwich! Sally the Squirrel: (giggling) Benny, you eat honey sandwiches! Benny the Bear: (nervously) Uh, yeah! Honey... and cookie crumbs...? Narrator: (chuckling) Detective Danny knew Benny was a bit clumsy, but he also knew Benny would never lie. Detective Danny: (thinking) Hmm, Sally, where were you when the cookie disappeared? Sally the Squirrel: (dramatically) I was doing my ninja training in the tree! Hi-yah! (does a funny ninja move and almost knocks something over) Detective Danny: (rolling eyes) Right. And Benny? Benny the Bear: (looking innocent) I was just napping. Bears need their beauty sleep, you know. Narrator: (laughing) Just then, Detective Danny noticed something shiny under the table. Detective Danny: (bending down and picking up a shiny wrapper) Aha! A cookie wrapper! Sally, is this yours? Sally the Squirrel: (gasping) No way! I only eat nuts, remember? Benny the Bear: (sniffing the wrapper) It smells like... honey? Detective Danny: (smiling) Benny, you love honey! Maybe you took the cookie by mistake? Benny the Bear: (realizing) Oh, yeah! I thought it was a honey cookie! Oops! My bad! Sally the Squirrel: (laughing) Benny, you’re so silly! Narrator: (smiling) And so, the mystery of the missing cookie was solved. It wasn’t a thief, just a hungry bear with a sweet tooth. Detective Danny: (laughing) Case closed! Now, who wants to make some more cookies? Sally the Squirrel & Benny the Bear: (cheering) We do! Narrator: (happily) And so, they all baked cookies together and lived happily ever after, solving mysteries and eating treats. The end! (Everyone gathers around the counter, mixing ingredients and laughing.) Narrator: (excitedly) Thanks for joining us on the Great Cookie Caper! Remember, sometimes the biggest mysteries have the sweetest endings! (Curtains close as everyone waves goodbye.) The End.

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