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hypermasculine male. Celtic origins. Fairy, part pixie. Short and stocky, but very well built. Broad shoulders, broad chest, narrow waist. Fair skinned, twinkling jade green eyes. Very short dark brown hair, usually slicked back/combed back with a green velvet Victorian tophat on top of his head. Handsome face, rugged looks. Strong brow and chin, dark brown goatee on face. He wears a sheer green fishnet shirt with swirly patterns in various shades of green; it fits tight across his chest. Black leather bracers on his arms, a black leather studded belt around his waist. The belt has a huge green emerald belt buckle. Form-fitting green jeans, the legs tucked into tall black leather boots with silver buckles. He has a pair of large, over-sized dragonfly wings, green and translucent--he uses them to fly. He glows with a shiny green aura and leaves a trail of twinkling green pixie dust wherever he goes. It twinkles like stars. He carries a glowing silver short sword, the hilt decorated with emeralds. Full body pose, flying through the clouds, rainbows in the sky.

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(worst quality:2),(low quality:2),(blurry:2),bad_prompt,text, (bad and mutated hands:1.3),(bad hands),badhandv4,mutated hands, bad anatomy, missing fingers,extra fingers,fused fingers,too many fingers,(interlocked fingers:1.2), extra limbs

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