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RealVisXL V4.0Checkpoint

Background: • View of Vienna: A blend of historical buildings and modern architecture, especially at night with the city’s lights creating a beautiful scene. • Technology imagery: Highlight prominent technological landmarks such as universities or research centers. Foreground: • MalMoh GmbH office building: With modern and attractive lighting, ensuring the company logo is prominently displayed. • Employees at work: Show employees using modern tools in a cheerful and professional environment, interacting with laptops, monitors, and graphic design tools. Visual Elements: • Digital screens: Several monitors and laptops showcasing the company’s services and products. • Examples of graphic designs and websites: Displayed on the screens. • Completed projects: Images of successful projects by the company, such as graphic designs, websites, and software. Text: • Company slogan: “Innovation and Quality in IT, Software, Hardware, and Graphic Design” • Contact information and website address: “For more information and professional services, visit” • QR code: A QR code for quick access to the company’s website. Colors: • Use modern and vibrant colors, aligning with the company’s primary logo colors. • Emphasize the use of neon lights and modern visual effects.

Negative Prompt

(octane render, render, drawing, anime, bad photo, bad photography:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, blurry:1.2), (bad teeth, deformed teeth, deformed lips), (bad anatomy, bad proportions:1.1), (deformed iris, deformed pupils), (deformed eyes, bad eyes), (deformed face, ugly face, bad face), (deformed hands, bad hands, fused fingers), morbid, mutilated, mutation, disfigured

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