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feminine woman. Evil Queen. Young woman royal, regal, authoritative. Queen, like the ones in a deck of playing cards. Otherworldly, ethereal, Sci-Fi. Tall, strong, statuesque. Chalk white pale skin, dusted with crystalline glitter. Emerald green luminous eyes, slightly glowing, long eyelashes. Ruby red lips, glossy and shiny. A face like Catherine Zeta Jones, with a defiant smile. Scarlet red hair, pulled back into a bun with side parted Bangs that swoop to one side. A Sliver crown with large staggered points and fiery rubies sits on her head. A metallic red dress, form fitting with long Lacey sleeves and Lacey cutouts on the sides, Lacey red collar and low neckline. A short, Scarlet red cape with a white fur collar around her shoulders. A silver, ornate belt with a glowing Ruby at the center sits on her waist. The bottom half of the dress is knee length and tiered, but shorter on the sides, side split so legs show, silver designs on the tiers. Lovely bare legs dusted with crystalline glitter. Shiny, sparkling high heeled shoes with red Roman sandal straps around ankles going up to the knees. She carries a silver sceptre with a huge red Ruby. She has a magical, sparkling aura, her magical powers are glittering red magic. Full body pose.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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