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michael - a month ago
So cool, nice use of the LoRa

hypermasculine male. Caucasian male with pale skin. Green face, green body. Tall, thin, lithe. Muscular, sinewy, well defined. Thin, but broad shouldered. Narrow waisted. Pale green skin all over his body. Short black hair with dark green highlights, fade hairstyle slicked back, combed backed. Handsome face, chiseled jaw and strong brow. Yellow reptilian eyes, forked tongue. Bare chested with snakelike scales on his spine, around his abs, across his pecs, on his shoulders. Jade green circular tattoo of a coiled snake/ serpent on his chest. Green and yellow snakeskin patter on his tights, solid jade green knee-high boots. Two metallic green snakes around his waist as a belt.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome, bad drawing, lowres, low quality, bad anatomy, poorly drawn, ugly, malformed, deformed, blurry, out of focus, NEGS Bad Image v4, NEGS Bad Hands, (low quality, worst quality:1.4), FastNegativeV2, feminine, girly, androgynous, make-up, high heels, child-like, kid, beard, fleshtone skin

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