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super-hero. female, African woman. Tall, slim but strong and curvy, sinewy. Athletic, warrior, fighter. Beautiful face, high cheekbones, dark brown skin, smooth and luxurious. Large, dark eyes, black and liquid. Long black braids that are usually tied back with a golden cord/hair holder. She wears a golden sandy colored bodysuit, the sides cut out of the legs and arms and laced with golden straps. Around her waist is a metallic gold corset and belt, along with small shoulder guards of the same color. There are metallic gold bracers on her arms and a gold metal circlet around her head. Over her shoulder is a short yellow-gold cape with a cheetah print. Her knee-high boots are also yellow-gold with cheetah print. Her boots have very low heels and are made for running across the Serengeti Plains. She runs as fast as a cheetah. She carries a strong, wooden bo staff as a weapon. She carries herself like the African princess that she is, but she is free spirited. Full body pose, fighting stance with bo staff.

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