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DreamShaper XLCheckpoint

hypermasculine male, Caucasian male. Archangel, celestial, galaxy protector, warrior Angel, hirsute. Tall. muscular, sinewy, broad shoulders, broad chest, wide back, narrow waist, strong muscular legs, thick hairy forearms. Bodybuilder physique. Extremely hairy chest, abs, arms, thighs, legs. Dark brown hair, short length wavy fade style, cut close on sides with tousled curls on top. Golden headband tied around head/brow. Strong brow, squared jaw, thick brows, handsome, rugged good looks. Clean shaven, beardless. {{Electric blue eyes}} glowing and bright. Metallic gold pauldrons with sapphire gems on both shoulders, metallic gold bracers with sapphire accents on his hairy arms. Metallic gold harness across his hirsute hairy chest; gold ring in the middle, metallic straps on both sides of shoulders, the other two under each Pectoral. An ornate gold belt with sapphire gems around his waist. Naked from the waist down, revealing a bush of thick pubes and a long, girthy penis. Metallic gold boots, up to mid calf. Enormous gold Angel wings, spread open and flying. He shines with a golden aura of light, bright as the sun. Full body pose, flying through space.

Negative Prompt

(octane render, render, drawing, anime, bad photo, bad photography:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, blurry:1.2), (bad teeth, deformed teeth, deformed lips), (bad anatomy, bad proportions:1.1), (deformed iris, deformed pupils), (deformed eyes, bad eyes), (deformed face, ugly face, bad face), (deformed hands, bad hands, fused fingers), morbid, mutilated, mutation, disfigured, FastNegativeV2, (low quality,simple background,worst quality:1.4),(bad anatomy),(inaccurate limb:1.2),bad composition,inaccurate eyes,extra digit,fewer digits,(extra arms,grey background:1.2),(watermark,text,logo,username,multiple moles,mole on body:1.2), bad drawing, lowres, low quality, bad anatomy, poorly drawn, ugly, malformed, deformed, blurry, out of focus, NEGS Bad Image v4, NEGS Bad Hands, FastNegativeV2, feminine, girly, ladylike, androgynous, makeup, high heels, pouty lips, hairless body, Beard, facial hair, childlike, kid, long hair, eyes not blue, blonde hair

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