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hypermasculine male, young Caucasian man. Death Angel, with futuristic tech. Very tall (6 ft 8), muscular, strong, sinewy, Olympic build, weightlifter. Broad chest, narrow waist, strong powerful legs. Pale, chalk-white skin, no color. Short white hair in a spiky fade, hair on top stands up. Strong brow and jaw, thick white eyebrows, glowing red eyes. Intense gaze, threatening. White soul patch on face. Form fitting full black bodysuit with crimson red patterns on the chest, arms and legs. Bodysuit is shiny latex material, full body coverage. Belt is futuristic tech with glowing red light in the center/buckle. Black latex gloves, black knee-high latex boots with crimson red designs. Angel wings, predominantly black with dark red highlight feathers. Wings and feathers are metallic black and red. Full body pose, flying through lightning.

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bad quality, bad anatomy, worst quality, low quality, low resolution, extra fingers, blur, blurry, ugly, wrong proportions, watermark, image artifacts, lowres, ugly, jpeg artifacts, deformed, noisy image, deformation, skin moles

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