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DreamShaper XLCheckpoint
cinematic film still, Storm Trooper, colored liGreat! Here's the portrait script for you: --- Character Name: [Insert Your Name] Description: - Gender: Male - Hair: Dark brown - Eyes: Deep black - Eyebrows: Thick and well-defined - Lips: Medium-sized - Nose: Straight - Skin tone: Olive - Expression: A confident and engaging smile - Distinguishing features: A hint of mischief in the eyes, radiating charm --- Feel free to adjust any details as needed!ghts, amazing quality, wallpaper, analog film grain <lora:aesthetic_anime_v1s:0.5> <lora:add-detail-xl:1.1>
Negative Prompt
(octane render, render, drawing, anime, bad photo, bad photography:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, blurry:1.2), (bad teeth, deformed teeth, deformed lips), (bad anatomy, bad proportions:1.1), (deformed iris, deformed pupils), (deformed eyes, bad eyes), (deformed face, ugly face, bad face), (deformed hands, bad hands, fused fingers), morbid, mutilated, mutation, disfigured
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source image
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