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DreamShaper XLCheckpoint
cinematic film still, Storm Trooper, cCertainly, here's the description of the video you want to create: "The video depicts a cinematic and realistic scene featuring a ninja combat between two characters. The first character has blue eyes and blonde hair, while the second character has brown eyes and black hair. The scene is set in a stunning ninja village with visual effects including fog and particles. The scene is captured from a distance of about 20 meters, giving it a cinematic and realistic appearance. The characters are seen facing each other for combat, moving realistically and engaging in swordplay, with sparks flying from their swords. The focus is on the details of the characters and the scene overall, enhancing the realism and aesthetics of the video. The mood of the scene shifts to be cinematic and realistic, adding to the power and attractiveness of the video."olored lights, amazing quality, wallpaper, analog film grain <lora:aesthetic_anime_v1s:0.5> <lora:add-detail-xl:1.1>
Negative Prompt
(octane render, render, drawing, anime, bad photo, bad photography:1.3), (worst quality, low quality, blurry:1.2), (bad teeth, deformed teeth, deformed lips), (bad anatomy, bad proportions:1.1), (deformed iris, deformed pupils), (deformed eyes, bad eyes), (deformed face, ugly face, bad face), (deformed hands, bad hands, fused fingers), morbid, mutilated, mutation, disfigured
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source image
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