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A stunning portrait of a young, slim, cute, sweet European woman, radiating elegance and beauty. She is dressed in a fashionable, colorful, shiny and glossy puffer down outfit. ((High Yoked)), The lighting is soft, highlighting her features and emphasizing the glossy texture of her clothes, Cinematic lighting, very cold, high resolution, winter fashion, realistic shading, digital painting, artstation, sweetest, cutest, ((tempting)). by Parkasite,
Negative Prompt
bad anatomy, bad hands, three hands, three legs, bad arms, missing legs, missing arms, poorly drawn face, bad face, fused face, cloned face, worst face, three crus, extra crus, fused crus, worst feet, three feet, fused feet, fused thigh, three thigh, fused thigh, extra thigh, worst thigh, missing fingers, extra fingers, ugly fingers, long fingers, horn, extra eyes, huge eyes, 2girl, amputation, disconnected limbs, cartoon, cg, 3d, unreal, animate, bad lighting, poorly drawn, low-quality image, jagged lines, incorrect proportions, Badly lit, blurry, low-quality photo, dull expression, messy hair, poorly styled clothing, poorly rendered clothing, old aged, fur, plush, pelt, piercing, ((branding, logo)), artifacts, male face, male looking face, male, asian, naked, nude, nudity
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