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feminine female, young woman. Queen. Sci-Fi, Otherworldly, ethereal, magic, healer. Tall, statuesque, strong, fit. Shoulder length loose curls, swept back and side parted. Shiny burnt maroon colored hair, a golden star like headdress with amethyst gems sits on the right side of her head, spiraling up from her ear. Beautiful, serene face with lilac colored eyes, long lashes, and make-up in various shades of magenta and lavender. A metallic gold collar with an amethyst gem sits on her neck. She wears a metallic gold minidress, scooped out at the shoulders. The bottom half is tiered, with a side split for one leg to show. A belt of gold with a glowing amethyst at the center signifies her power as a healer and telepath. Metallic gold arm length gloves to match her dress. On her feet, metallic gold gladiator sandals with high heels, the straps reaching up to just below the knees. The outfit is completed by a short diaphanous cape in purple and gold, the purple at the top half, the gold on the bottom of the cape. The collar of the cape is lined by white faux fur, and hooks to the dress with a golden brooch with amethyst gems on both sides. Full body pose. Her aura is golden light, signifying her alignment with goodness and light.

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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