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Juggernaut XLCheckpoint

((slavik)), transparent pale skin, short young girl, medium breasts, cute, medium light blonde hair, thin light brown strands, ((side bob cut)), triangle face, huge light grey almost transparent eyes, ((long nose)), long neck, thin lips, ((edge of teeth)), sharp cheek bones, ((thick bushy eyebrows)), slim, thin, flat stomach, topless, ((three quarters body view)), ((massive jaw)), ((aesthetics)), ((piece of art)), ((artistic image)), ((dark), ((dimmed light)), ((night)), dramatic light, deep long shadows, hdr, sharp contours, contrast high quality photo, highest definition, ((ultra wide angle)), digital art photo, detailed, subtle, extremely detailed, ((walking in the street along old houses)), ((plain short dress)), ponytail, ((coat)), foggy morning, fallen leaves on the ground, (((at the bus stop)))

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boring, basic, amateur, monochrome

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