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RealVisXL V4.0Checkpoint
Side view of a beautiful Model dressed as a 18th Century European Female archer (drawing back an arrow on a long bow aiming at a target:1.3), dressed in sexy leather hunting outfit in the forest, , voluminous big wavy jet black hair, detailed face and eyes, detailed hard erect nipples, smooth skin, bright studio lighting, <lora:epiNoiseoffset_v2:0.5> <lora:iu_V35:0.6>, (insanely (sharp details)), gigapixel, hyperrealism, photorealistic, (masterpiece:1.2), 8k, highly detailed, raw photo, (photorealistic:1.2), ((best quality)), (intricate details), highly realistic, detailed skin, detailed face, only two legs and two arms, normal anatomy, bright studio lighting, artistic color tones, 8k uhd, dslr, bright lighting, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3, hasselblad, gigapixel, detailed hair, detailed body, (detailed face and eyes:1.1), (depth of field:0.6), Leica, 8K HDR, High contrast, bokeh
Negative Prompt
sisters, clones, twins, posing, easynegative, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, bad anatomy, (digital, illustration:1,3), 3d, doll, normal vagina, extra limbs, (mutated limbs), (deformed), blurry, ((bad anatomy)), Waterspots, Shadows, logo, (digital, illustration), 3d, doll, photo grid, watercolor, painting, (double nipple), normal hands and fingers, oil, water, cum, ((bad art)), ((deformed)), ((extra limbs)), ((close up)), blurry, (((duplicate))), ((morbid)), ((mutilated)), (out of frame), extra fingers, mutated hands, ((poorly drawn hands)), missing limbs, missing fingers, black & white
Source Image
source image
Clone Prompt