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NightVision XLCheckpoint
Drone angle side Imagine cross section oasis in desert villa bio futurism hybrid material perforated floral shapes. Women looking over structure. Shaped like spiral and surface of shell. vines, floral shapes architecture Create a incredible ancient modern flower like design home or development with people enjoying the space. Make this biomimicry design with beautiful spiral details and the perfect harmony with the rhythm of purpose. Oceanside, tidal generator from waterfalls. Solar array structures roof. Mega scultures. Dan popper style. A architectural space with modern material which has small perforations on surface. Shell like shapes. Beautiful women. Lush. Ocean side. Floating city. Organic shapes. Make this practical. Biomimicry flower shapes. Elegance. Eco architecture. People viewing. Parametric face. On fascade. Lush greenery. Amazing sculpture
Negative Prompt
((blurry:1.3)), worst quality, 3D, cgi, drawing, undefined, bad anatomy, bad tail, bad hands, bad ears, bad design, no sense, illogical design.
Source Image
source image
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