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Juggernaut XLCheckpoint
Peter Parker wearing a black slick snakeskin-textured glossy muscular filler suit. he has black fluid symbiote slithering everywhere but his head which is half young peter parker and half skull rotting away . he is crawling on the wall. full body in frame. symbiotic suit is controlling Peter . peter is crawling 180Β° on the ceiling, showing his glossy symbiote-clad feet.. symbiote is parasitic and is slowly decaying and deteriorating Peter’s face into a brown skull
Negative Prompt
(worst quality:2),(low quality:2),(blurry:2),bad_prompt,text, (bad and mutated hands:1.3),(bad hands),badhandv4,mutated hands, bad anatomy, missing fingers,extra fingers,fused fingers,too many fingers,(interlocked fingers:1.2), extra limbs
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