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Juggernaut XLCheckpoint
Epic movie poster,Patrick Stewart as Professor X from marvel driving fast in his wheelchair,ral-elctryzt behind the wheelchair,driving on a street,soft lighting,high speed, sharp focus, intricate, high details, extremely detailed, award-winning photo
Negative Prompt
(worst quality, low quality, normal quality, bad quality:1.4), (lowres:1.3), (extra fingers, missing fingers:1.2), (poorly rendered hands:1.2), (mutation:1.1), (mutated hands:1.3), (deformed iris, deformed pupils:1.1), watermark, missing arms, missing hands, (long neck:1.4), (poorly drawn:1.3), (poorly drawn eyes:1.2), (poorly drawn hands:1.3), (poorly drawn iris:1.2), (poorly drawn pupils:1.2), (realistic:1.5), (blurry:1.1), unaestheticXLv31
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source image
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