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AlbedoBase XLCheckpoint
masterpiece (emerging from the forest canopy foliage:1.2), the abnormally giant cat has a (camouflaged face and body made of rocks, leaves,trees, foliage:1.3) and (blends into the background as it is part of the forest:1.4), blending with the forest rocks & trees making it (hard to see at first:1.3), in the style of Kilian Eng and David Palumbo. insane details, sharp focus, rotated view style, Dutch Angle Style, fractalvines, covered in fractal vines
Negative Prompt
bear, worst quality, low quality, cross eyes, cropped, (low-res), (moles:1.3), bad quality, bad anatomy, low resolution, poorly rendered face, poorly drawn face, poor facial details, poorly drawn hands, poorly rendered hands, Images cut out at the top, left, right, bottom, bad composition, blurry image, extra fingers
Source Image
source image
Clone Prompt