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AlbedoBase XLCheckpoint
by Adolf Fnyes and by Death Burger, (renaissance, augmented but extremely beautiful:1.4), (intricate details, masterpiece, best quality:1.4), Bubble Bobble style, 8-bit, cute, pixelated, fantasy, vibrant, reminiscent of Bubble Bobble game, looking at viewer, dynamic pose, in the style of nicola samori
Negative Prompt
hands, border, frame, picture frame, (logo:1.5), (text:1.5), (signature:1.5), (watermark:1.5), (copyright:1.5), (nude:1.5), (naked:1.5), (nsfw:1.5), (nipple:1.5), (genitals:1.5), (penis:1.5), (vagina:1.5)
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source image
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