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(cinematography, lightroom, masterpiece, best quality, 16k, insane details, extremely detailed skin, shiny eyes) , back lighting, red lighting , blank background , (ordinary person, ordinary face, rough skin:1.4) , (man, 40yo, Japanese, takakura_ken:1.4) , (small eyes, dark eyes, black hair:1.2) , (yakuza:1.2) , manifold fractal , baroque art style , full body shot
Negative Prompt
(big eyes, double eyelid, lips, makeup, make-up, eye shadow:1.8) , (stand out ribs, rib, slender, bone, muscle:1.8) , (bad anatomy, bad arms, bad fingers, bad ear, extra ears, extra fingers, extra fingers, bad fingers, fewer fingers, muted arms, double navel:2) , (worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpegartifacts, poorly draw, poorly draw, lowres:2) , hanbok, kimono, traditional dress, Korean, Chinese, American, European
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