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Create an ultra-high-definition HDR 32K POV selfie, capturing an Australopithecus politician dressed in a suit, aboard a spaceship. This unique composition combines prehistoric and futuristic elements, showcasing the Australopithecus in a sophisticated suit, symbolizing a blend of the ancient and the modern. This photograph is really vivid and realistic. The setting inside the spaceship should be meticulously detailed, reflecting advanced technology and sleek design, typical of a futuristic spacecraft. The background through the window should be a breathtaking view of the sun and Earth, rendered in stunning clarity and beauty. The sunlight should bathe the interior in a warm, natural glow, highlighting the contrasts and textures of the Australopithecus' suit and the spaceship's interior. The angle of the selfie should be dynamic, giving a sense of immediacy and presence, as if the viewer is in the moment with this unusual politician. The reflection of the sun and Earth in the Australopithecus' eyes, along with the detailed expression, adds depth and character to the image. This illustration should not only capture an imaginative scene but also tell a story that juxtaposes the primitive past with a technologically advanced future, all captured in a single, powerful image.
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(worst quality:2),(low quality:2),(blurry:2),bad_prompt,text, (bad and mutated hands:1.3),(bad hands),badhandv4,mutated hands, bad anatomy, missing fingers,extra fingers,fused fingers,too many fingers,(interlocked fingers:1.2), extra limbs
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