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michael - 3 months ago
Bond... James Bond
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leonisgris - a month ago
with aquagrim, grim, a girl, a participant in a sports show, a portrait of a lioness,a hidden face,light brown hair framing her face, a filigree skillfully superimposed portrait of a lioness, a lioness, beyond recognition, dressed in a sports robe
secret agent, black and white tuxedo, gray hair, handsome face, high detail face, high detail eyes, high detail costume, london backdrop, masterpiece, best quality, high detail, realistic,photo quality, high quality,(photorealistic:1.4)
Negative Prompt
(worst quality:2),(low quality:2),(blurry:2),bad_prompt,text, (bad and mutated hands:1.3),(bad hands),badhandv4,mutated hands, bad anatomy, missing fingers,extra fingers,fused fingers,too many fingers,(interlocked fingers:1.2), extra limbs
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