How to use Stable Video Diffusion for Free in 2024

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Free Access to Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion Example from Based Labs AI

Stable Video Diffusion is a cutting-edge tool for transforming images into videos. It's capable of generating high-quality videos, typically 576x1024 pixels, from any still image.

The videos, which last between 2 and 4 seconds, demonstrate the model's prowess in converting static images into dynamic and compelling video clips. This is an invaluable asset for creators wanting to animate images in an immersive manner.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up at Based Labs AI
  2. Press the Generate button
  3. Upload an Image & Start Generation
  4. Wait for 30–60 seconds for the video
  5. Download, publish, or regenerate your video

Based Labs AI offers complimentary access to Stable Video Diffusion. It's a straightforward platform perfect for both newcomers and seasoned creators. The web interface is easy to navigate, facilitating the creation and sharing of AI-generated videos. While some advanced functionalities and a mobile app are missing, its simplicity and community-driven approach are notable.

Homepage of Based Labs AI

Step One: Account Registration

Sign up at Based Labs AI

Select Sign In on the top right corner.

You can create a new account or log in using Google.

Signing in to Based Labs AI

Step Two: Initiate Generation

Hit the Generate button.

Generate on Based Labs AI

Step Three: Image Upload

Upload your Image & Commence Generation.

Image Upload to Based Labs AI

Step Four: Video Generation

Await 30–60 seconds for your video.

AI Video Creation on Based Labs AI

Step Five: Final Steps

After the video is generated, you can download it (right-click then choose "save video as"), publish it (click "publish"), or regenerate it (select "generate" under the original image).

Final AI Video on Based Labs AI