How to Generate AI Images & Videos using BasedLabs AI

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If you've ever wanted to make cool pictures and videos but thought it was too complicated, this article is for you. BasedLabs AI is a powerful tool that lets anyone, no matter their skill level, create amazing visuals. We're going to guide you through the process, step by step, in a simple and straightforward way. Whether you're looking to bring your ideas to life, jazz up your projects, or just explore what's possible, you're in the right place. Let's dive in and see how you can start creating amazing images and videos with BasedLabs AI today!

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Getting Started with Based Labs AI

BasedLabs Landing Page


  • Visit Based Labs AI and sign up. You can register with your Google account or your Discord account.


  • First, sign in. Then, hit the 'Generate' button to get going.

Generating Images:

  • Select your desired image model and add a Lora (Custom style) if you want.
  • Write your image prompt select and your quantity. Then click “Generate Images”
  • Tip: Images with obvious movement directions / motions help the AI to generate the best quality videos. BasedLabs Generate Page

Review and/or Edit your Image:

  • Either select your favorite generated image or upload any image you want (Png or Jpeg).
  • Click the “Open in Editor” button Reviewing Generated Images on BasedLabs
  • Now you're in the “Image Editor” page which lets you use various AI Image tools to edit your image and create videos from your image.

Video Generation:

BasedLabs Image Editor page

  • To create a video, make sure that Image to Video is selected and you can see the AI Video model on the left.
  • Next Select your Video model from the drop down, and pick your desired settings.
  • Click “Make Video”, it can take between 2-5 minutes for your video to be generated.

Review, Publish and Download:

  • After generating your video you’ll have the options to download or publish it.
  • Publishing it will share it to the Based Labs home page where anyone can view, comment, like or share it.
  • You’ll also have the ability to return to your original image using the history tool on the right, where you can create another video from it or use any of the AI Image tools.

Published Media on BasedLabs

Features of Based Labs AI

Based Labs AI boasts a user-friendly, web-based interface designed to cater to creators at all levels of expertise. Beyond video generation, it offers a suite of AI applications, including AI Face Swap, AI Image Extender, and AI Upscaling, making it a versatile platform for a wide array of creative projects. Its emphasis on ease of use and a vibrant community-driven atmosphere provides an outstanding environment for engaging with AI-based creativity across various applications.


With platforms such as Based Labs AI, producing AI-generated videos and enhancing digital content has never been more attainable. Suitable for a range of uses, from professional endeavors to social media content or personal projects, Based Labs AI offers innovative ways to convert images into videos, swap faces, extend landscapes, and upscale images, unveiling a whole new dimension of creativity. Discover more about our video generation tools and the extensive range of features available, and become part of our enriching community discussions on our Discord.

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