High-Quality AI Video Generation with I2VGen-XL

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Overview of I2VGen-XL

I2VGen-XL, crafted by Bodhidharma Academy, is a cutting-edge tool in AI video generation, converting static images to dynamic videos. With 3.7 billion parameters, it's a standout in AI-driven media, offering high-definition output.

For a practical guide on creating with i2vgen using BasedLabs, continue reading.

I2VGen-XL Overview

Key Features and Process

I2VGen-XL operates in two stages. The initial stage focuses on semantic accuracy at a lower resolution. The second stage uses techniques like DDIM inverse operation to enhance resolution and improve temporal and spatial coherence, ensuring clarity and consistency.

I2VGen Model Process

Performance and Application

I2VGen-XL excels in clarity, texture, semantics, and continuity, producing 720P widescreen videos. Leveraging the Stable Diffusion framework and insights from VideoComposer, it's versatile for various video generation applications.

Using I2VGen-XL via BasedLabs

This guide demonstrates accessing I2VGen-XL through BasedLabs, known for its intuitive AI tools. The steps below will guide you through high-quality AI video creation.

Getting Started with i2vgen:

BasedLabs Start

BasedLabs Result

Step 1: Account Setup

  1. Create or log into your BasedLabs account.
  2. Navigate to the Generate section on the homepage or top menu.

Step 2: Image Preparation

  1. Select images (1280 x 720) for video transformation.
  2. Upload and click next.

Image Upload

Step 3: Video Generation

  1. After uploading, choose I2VGen from the model dropdown.
  2. Describe your image in the provided prompt.

i2vgen Interface

Step 4: Creating the Video

  1. Click “Make Video” to start.
  2. The process takes about 30–60 seconds.

Step 5: Video Enhancement

  1. Options include Discard, Download, Smoothen, and Publish.
  2. Use Smoothen for higher quality, and Publish to share with the BasedLabs community.

Video Interface

Step 6: Final Touches

  1. Smooth the video (takes 15–30 seconds).
  2. Publish and share your video URL.


I2VGen-XL, combined with BasedLabs, simplifies creating high-quality AI videos. This guide serves as a starting point for exploring AI's potential in video creation.

Examples of AI Videos:

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6