7 Free Midjourney Alternatives: 2024

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the significance of AI art generators like Midjourney cannot be overstated, particularly given their advanced text-to-image conversion capabilities. However, with Midjourney transitioning to a paid service, it's imperative to explore viable alternatives. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the top 10 Midjourney substitutes, many of which are available for free and are equipped with robust text-to-image functionalities. Let’s explore these alternatives in detail.

Overview of AI Image Generation Alternatives:

  • Based Labs AI: Pioneering in Free AI Video & Image Generation
  • Stable Diffusion: Leading the Charge in AI-Powered Image Creation
  • DALL-E 2: Setting the Standard in Advanced AI for Photorealistic Imagery
  • Leonardo.Ai: Specialized AI for High-Quality Game Asset Design
  • Bing Image Creator: Seamlessly Integrating AI Image Generation with Bing
  • Adobe Firefly: Adobe's Foray into AI-Driven Image Generation

1. Based Labs AI

Based Labs AI

Based Labs AI distinguishes itself in the AI video creation domain, extending its capabilities far beyond being a mere alternative to Leonardo AI. It specializes in producing abstract animations and story-centric content, leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology. This platform is a treasure trove for innovators and storytellers eager to delve into groundbreaking video creativity and narrative storytelling.

Target Audience:
Whether you're a novice or an experienced professional in AI video creation, Based Labs AI’s user-friendly interface is designed to cater to a diverse user base. It's an exemplary platform for anyone looking to embark on or enhance their journey in AI-driven video creation.

Armed with an array of sophisticated AI tools, Based Labs AI provides a streamlined process for users to create, view, share, and engage in artistic concepts. Its functionality, bolstered by the latest AI advancements, positions it as a versatile and powerful tool for video creation.

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive toolkit for a wide range of AI-enhanced video production.
  • Community-centric features that facilitate user engagement, collaboration, and the exchange of creative ideas.
  • Diverse content offerings, ranging from artistic abstractions to captivating, narrative-focused videos.


  • Completely free to access and use.
  • Intuitive interface, accommodating users at all proficiency levels.
  • Incorporates the latest AI models to ensure superior video output quality.
  • A thriving community comprising creative minds and AI video aficionados.


  • Limited options for advanced technical customization.
  • Exclusively available as a web application, with no standalone mobile app.

2. Stable Diffusion:

Stable Diffusion

As a formidable rival to Midjourney, Stable Diffusion is celebrated for its free, open-source model. It's optimized for local PCs requiring a minimum of 8GB of VRAM, making it a popular choice for quick image generation from text inputs. Built on diverse technologies like Latent Diffusion Models and OpenAI’s ADM codebase, its notable developments include the release of Stable Diffusion 2.1 and the beta version of Stable Diffusion XL.


  • Free and open-source, promoting accessibility.
  • Powerful capabilities, underpinned by training on extensive datasets.
  • Broad web platform availability.


  • Challenges in accurately rendering hands and eyes.

3. DALL-E 3):


OpenAI's DALL-E 3
An advancement over its predecessor, DALL-E 3 by OpenAI is renowned for generating photorealistic images with enhanced resolution. It represents a significant leap forward, although it is a paid service.


  • Exceptional accuracy and realism in visual translation.
  • Capabilities for expansive canvas creation.
  • Comprehensive web platform support.


  • Requires a subscription to ChatGPT premium for usage.

4. Leonardo.Ai:


A rising star in the AI arena, Leonardo.Ai is specifically tailored for generating game assets, offering early access to a select group of users. It is particularly adept at creating high-quality human faces.


  • Optimal for creating intricate game assets.
  • Produces high-quality character portraits.
  • Facilitates the training of personalized visual models.
  • Accessible via web.


  • Availability limited to early access.

5. Bing Image Creator:

Bing Image Creator

Integrated into Microsoft’s Bing AI Chat, Bing Image Creator leverages OpenAI’s DALL-E model to offer a free AI image generation service, albeit with certain daily usage limitations.


  • Complimentary AI image generation.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Bing Chat.
  • Available across Web, Android, and iOS platforms.


  • Limited scope for customization.

6. Adobe Firefly:

Adobe Firefly

Adobe’s venture into AI image generation, Firefly, is equipped with an array of evolving tools, including its own text-to-image generation technology.


  • Developed in-house for text-to-image generation by Adobe.
  • Promising features like image expansion capabilities.
  • Currently free during its beta phase.


  • In a phase of ongoing development.

7. Blue Willow:

Blue Willow

Gaining popularity on Discord, Blue Willow stands out for its proficiency in digital art and graphic concepts, offering rapid and free services.


  • Highly effective in generating human faces.
  • No restrictions on usage.
  • Swift image generation.


  • Requires access to a Discord server.

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